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5 Reasons You NEED A Coach

Let me let you in on a little secret: you don’t need a coach.

Trust me. I do this for a living. You don’t NEED a coach. You have all the answers. You’ll be fine just by yourself. Why? Because you’re amazing and you have all the tools to blossom.

Yet, so many people (including myself) work with a coach. So many people (…including myself) report incredible results from coaching. There HAS to be some benefit to it. So if you’re still wondering what the big deal is, here’s a couple of ways hiring a coach could benefit your life.

You Get Clarity

You feel like you spend your days drifting through a fog. You work hard, you keep busy, but nothing seems to get any better. You can’t see the next move. Hell, you can’t see the moves that brought you here.

You’re frustrated. Stressed. Angry, even. You don’t know what you want, but it definitely ain’t this.

A great coach can help you see clearly. He can help you access your deep wishes. That’s like a wave of sunshine coming out to clear out the fog. He can help you slow the world down. Then you’re able to take a good hard look at where you’re headed and where you WANT to be headed.

You Get Support

Face it. When you step out of your comfort zone and start building something amazing, you’ll eventually fail. Not just once, either. You’ll fail time and again. And it’s gonna suck.

If you’re stubborn as a jackass (like me), you’ll eventually get up and try again. But what if you were wrong? What if you were pursuing an impossible dream in the first place? Your brain will immediately start making up reasons to not try again.

Truth is, unless you’re surrounded by supportive people, it might take time to gain back the self confidence required to move forward with your life. It might take YEARS to shake off these doubts. Imagine, years wasted doubting yourself, because you stumbled once.

A (great) coach believes in YOU. They have no personal agenda or ego to protect. Regardless of your goal, your coach will be there to flush your self-doubt and gently kick your butt back into action.

Note: If you are actually pursuing an actually impossible dream, like “I want to fly to Mars wearing only my underpants,” kudos to you. Most people don’t dare to dream that big.

You Get Perspective

Do these situations ring a bell?

We moved to a new place with the wife almost a month ago. The boxes are still unpacked and it’s a bit chaotic because I’ve honestly been working day and night to get this project off the ground. She’s blaming me for causing this situation and I feel like shit.


I’ve only been manager for two months and had to let Robert go. Yeah, I fired him. I pushed him hard to get the deal through, but he wasn’t playing ball. Maybe I was too hard on him though? I feel awful. The rest of the team will probably hate me for it.

A coach will help you take a step back from intense emotional situations that come up in every day life. Maybe your wife being angry isn’t because of the moving boxes, but because of something completely out of your control? Maybe the rest of the team are actually thankful that you finally took action? There’s always another perspective, and a great coach will help you see it.

It’s never as bad as you make it seem.

You Get Permission

You want a red sports car. You want to marry a pornstar. You want to live on an island somewhere, where there’s only sunshine and beach cocktails.

But you don’t talk about your dream. You’re afraid your friends might not understand or tell you it’s impossible. You feel guilty about living in a world where normal isn’t enough.

Because we’ve been told all our lives to shut up, sit down and play it safe, we sometimes need an external voice to give us permission to dream.

A coach is there to unleash your passion. They don’t see your glass ceilings or self-imposed limits. A coach will give you permission to not only be who you are now, but to dare to be bigger.

You Get Honest Fucking Feedback

We live in a society of consolation prizes and getting offended. People just don’t speak their mind anymore. This is especially troublesome if you’re surrounded by people who don’t want to risk their relationship with you. Or their career.

Who are you going to look for personal feedback if none of your colleagues are up to the task?

A great coach will give you their honest uncensored feedback. Their only job is to ensure YOUR continuing growth and success. Coaches get paid in advance for this exact reason: to not sugarcoat the message. They are there to listen and observe, and tell you exactly what they see, even if they know it will hurt you.

Yes, a coach is the biggest asshole you’ve ever hired. And you should thank them for it.

Jay Pitkänen

Trust Starts From Within Your Team

We’ve all heard the old marketing adage “You need to be authentic and create true connections with your customers.” Sure, let’s be real. I think we all get that now.

Something that doesn’t seem all that common is this: it all starts from within your team.

Let me ask you this: How much time and effort have you invested creating genuine connections WITHIN your own company?

Trust Leads to Creativity

When I joined the marketing team at my previous company, I was excited and ready to work with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get to know the people and create something awesome!

My enthusiasm was very soon trumped by this one dude, who very bluntly told me he isn’t there to make friends, but to kick marketing ass. Or something to that effect.

The boss was also focused on results, not so much creating a warm and friendly working environment.

So, being the sensitive sort, I was taken aback. As a natural defense, I started building a wall. I quieted down and focused on getting my own projects up. I didn’t ask for help. Co-creation and pursuing amazing projects was suddenly off the table.

We were competing.

To get the boss’s approval.

There was little trust, except for trust within little cliques in the team.

There was no passion to create something amazing just because of creative passion. Just out of a need to achieve and get approval.

Even though we worked together, within the same space, the atmosphere was cold.

Now after two years together, I can say that these people are some of the most amazing people in the world to me. But the atmosphere in the team was always tense.

I’m overly sensitive to that sort of stuff, I fully admit that, but here’s the funny thing:

Some of our customers also said that marketing feels clinical. Team feels distant. Products are useful and company is great, but we (the customers) would love some more personal connection.

So when you’re building your team, don’t just focus on raw talent. Remember that you’re building a unit. You’re collecting suitable parts to work together to huff and puff towards a united goal. When your team members trust each other, they will:

  1. Pull each other through the mud to make the impossible possible.
  2. Go above and beyond their paygrade because they’re proud of what they’re doing.
  3. Create something bigger that you or any single member of the team could ever have come up by yourself.

Then the surprising thing happens. This trust and authenticity will automatically flow into your marketing and customer relations.

PM me for private consultations on how to increase trust within your team.


How to Deal With PITA Clients

Admit it. You’ve suffered your fair share of pain in the butthole-clients.

You know who I’m talking about. The ones with irrational expectations, late payments, scope creep, lack of respect, etc.

Some business owners rarely (if ever) have to deal with them.

Others face them daily. If this is you, it’s a huge obstacle on your journey to six figures and beyond.

Let me explain.

Your Job is To Manage Expectations

Last night I took a taxi to get home from the airport. It’s usually been 15-20€ to and from my door. Well, this time the meter read 42€.

I was tired and grumpy, so I protested, as the taxi’s window sticker clearly stated prices per km travelled.

The cab driver refused to speak English and soon invited the police along for our little party. With the police present, he explained to me that his pricing also includes an hourly wage. I should’ve asked when I stepped into the cab, he said.

Silly me for expecting Uber-like services from normal taxis, right?

The police gave approximately zero fucks about our little feud and told me to pay or we’d continue this conversation at the station.

It doesn’t take a poker player to see that I’d lost this hand, so I paid the man. And I feel like shit for two reasons:

  1. I feel like I’ve been robbed by a taxi driver using unscrupulous pricing practices.
  2. I feel like I ruined this poor cab driver’s evening by being “that asshole customer.” Who knows, maybe in this country the custom is to ask and verify all details before entering a cab. (You know, like in gorram 1980s Soviet Russia.)

But you’re not a miscreant taxi driver with questionable ethics, I hear you say. How is this relevant to you as a six figure CEO?

Your Customer is Entitled to Be Clueless

My expectation is that when I enter a taxi, it will charge me by kilometers travelled. That seems to be a universal standard, at least in my experience.

So should I ask the driver how much the trip will cost? Maybe, but I expect him to charge as usual.

Should I also ask the driver if he has a driver’s license, if the car belongs to him, if he will sell me to slavery etc.? Maybe, but I expect him not to, as usual.

Thing is – it’s not my job to interrogate the service provider as to the details of the transaction. I’m the customer. I’m entitled to be (somewhat) clueless.

It’s YOUR JOB as a service provider to make sure that your customer understands the terms of your mutual agreement and business relationship. That means, before doing any work at all, you make sure they understand:

  • Your fees and payment schedule
  • Times you can be contacted and communication methods
  • Scope of the project, revisions and meetings
  • Behavior and personal boundaries
  • Your style and unusual business practices
  • Anything else obvious to you, but not obvious to your client

Then your client can decide whether or not to go forward with the transaction.

This way you can focus on delivering awesome work for amazing people, instead of wasting time and energy dealing with PITA customers.

And your customer won’t feel like an ass.

Everyone wins.

Struggling with PITA clients? Send me a PM.