Confused? You Already KNOW The Answer

I love wrenching and tinkering my car. It’s like a puzzle. Figure out what’s wrong, find the best part for the best price and then figure out how to replace the part.

Just recently though, I was spending hours and hours in the garage trying to pull this car apart. I came home dirty and exhausted.

My schedule was coming apart. I was skipping my exercise routine. I didn’t have time to build my business.

But it was okay, I told myself. It was okay because I was saving money on garage fees. It was okay because I need my car running. I seemed to have all the excuses to justify this wasted time.

Then, after one morning’s meditation, I snapped out of it.

You Distract Yourself From Discomfort

Of course, I was being an idiot. There’s a car rental facility down the street if I need a car. The garage fees, while sometimes pricey, are nothing compared to the potential earnings lost when I was sitting in my garage instead of building my business.

And I love building my business. Why wouldn’t I work on it?

So here’s what I realized during my meditation. The direction I was taking my company was amazing, but it wasn’t me. It was something I thought I should do. It was an idea someone else planted in my mind.

Because it wasn’t me, I felt bad doing it. My body was resisting this, and thus I found myself hiding in the garage under the car. Hiding, so I wouldn’t have to face the uncomfortable fact:

What I was doing was not what I wanted to do.

Accepting this took a while. Accepting that I’d have to take many steps back, cancel appointments, re-think strategy… be clueless again. Not easy. We love having all the answers. It’s scary being clueless.

But … when I embraced the cluelessness, I no longer felt frustration. I was at peace. I was present.

I was at peace. I was present.

… and then something happened. New answers started showing up.

Real Answers Hide Beneath Pain

To those of you who practice meditation, this process will be familiar. When we stop resisting the feeling or thought that causes us pain, we can finally accept and love it.

When we do accept the pain, it hurts for a while. But then we move forward and hear the new thoughts and ideas coming through. The pain becomes a lesson.

This might take days or weeks.

Or years.

Or never. Most people never accept their pain.

Some people live in distraction to hide their pain, their discomfort. And it doesn’t help when society keeps telling us that fear, discomfort and being clueless are bad things.

We’re being taught from a very young age that crying is not good. “Don’t cry.”

We’re taught that failing at school is unacceptable.

Be strong. Aim high. Failure and subpar performance is unacceptable.

So what happens? We start pretending. We pretend we’re keeping busy so we don’t look lazy. We avoid feeling pain so we don’t look like failures.

We distract ourselves so we don’t have to face discomfort.

You Already Know The Next Move

Ever notice yourself feeling lost? Directionless? Somehow stuck in place, not feeling fulfilled? Like there’s something missing from your life but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Are you depressed or unhappy?

These are symptoms of you acting against what your body wants to do.

And you know exactly what your body wants to do. You just can’t see it, you can’t hear it because your mind is filled with noise and distraction.

As long as you keep resisting, you will never know the next move. As long as you keep distracting yourself from momentary pain and discomfort, you will never be truly happy.

Maybe you need to quit your job to write that book, and risk temporarily lowering your quality of life? Maybe you need to go talk to that gorgeous lady in the coffee shop and risk embarrassment? Maybe you need to let go of a business deal that’s good but not really good enough, and risk never finding a better one?

It’s a choice between momentary comfort or ultimate happiness in life. When you learn to recognize distractions for what they are, you will become aware of the discomfort you’re avoiding, and what’s keeping you from being truly happy.

This is clarity. This is what I can teach you.


Jay Pitkänen

Head coach at Rat Race Maverick, and moonlight marketer. Connoisseur of Cabernet Sauvignon. Spot him driving a Jaguar or Corvette at high speeds over long distances.

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