How to Boost Productivity By Doing NOTHING

Just saw a T-shirt that says “Stop doing nothing.”

Obviously an inspirational message to get wannabe entrepreneurs out there and hustling their asses off, but it’s the exact wrong message.

Messages like these drive you into filling your schedule with meaningless busywork. Unless you’re busy ALL THE TIME, you can’t be successful, right?

As a result, you sweat and stress about constantly doing, constantly being a king of productivity. Stop doing nothing, stop doing nothing. Then at the end of the day, by trying to “stop doing nothing”, you’ve kept busy, and accomplished very little.

You work increasingly hard, and your business is going nowhere.

So I’m gonna order a new t-shirt right now.

It’s gonna say “DO NOTHING.”

Because that’s the most important thing in your day. Just sit down and be.

No busywork. No answering phone calls or texting. No social media. Just sitting. Listen. Be bored. Be frustrated. Be emotional. Be stressed. Just be. Let it all flow, accept it and love it.

This is the time when you separate the important stuff from the busywork. The stuff you ACTUALLY want to do from the stuff you think you should be doing.

You might think you don’t have time to do nothing. Well, here’s the secret. By doing nothing and just BEING for 45-60 minutes per day, I’m able to figure out exactly what is important to get done, and what can be ignored as meaningless busywork. Resulting in 3-4 hours of time saved and a relaxed evening with the missus.

Want to save 3-4 hours every day? Let’s chat.


Jay Pitkänen

Head coach at Rat Race Maverick, and moonlight marketer. Connoisseur of Cabernet Sauvignon. Spot him driving a Jaguar or Corvette at high speeds over long distances.

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