You’ll Never Be 100% Ready

Here’s a story of humility.

I’ve never taken serious coaching myself.

As a professional coach, that’s kind of a nono. I mean sure, I’ve taken countless courses and short coaching programs, and group coachings etc etc. But I’ve never hired a private coach for a fuckton of money to actually change my life.

Because I thought I wasn’t ready for that. Because I didn’t have the money. Because I didn’t find the right coach. Because blah blah blah excuses, explanations, weakass fear based apologies.

Until two weeks ago.

When Your Gut Instinct Speaks, Listen

When you meditate enough, you start noticing things on a gut level.

You see people on the street from a mile away who seem friendly. Why? You don’t know. But your gut says they’re friendly. Then you go say hi and you’re immediately on the same wavelength. You laugh at the same things. There’s no awkward silences.

You’re presented with a job offer. It’s the perfect gig. Great pay, great location, but something isn’t right. Your gut says no. You end up declining the job offer. It turns out you didn’t actually want to become an accountant, but rather explore your dreams of opening a cake shop, even if it’s more risky and less profitable.

I trust my gut instinct when these situations come along.

I found this Facebook group recently, helping business owners scale up their business. You’ve probably seen these, there’s thousands and thousands of similar groups on Facebook. And most of them are utter crap, so I never pay any attention to them. Except this one. Something was different about this one. My gut said “something amazing is going on here. I need to join.”

So I did.

After a month of hanging out and listening and learning, I was presented with the opportunity to work with this coach. A 6 month program to build my business growth and sort out the bullshit preventing me from skyrocketing.

I immediately said yes. Let’s do it. I had no way of paying her fee at that moment, but I decided I would figure out a way.

Listen to Advice, Then Do Whatever The Fuck You Want

During the next 5 days, I contacted some of my friends who would be able to help with this sort of money. They all told me it’s a ridiculous sum and I’m a bit insane for spending that much on coaching.

I told them I’m sure of this. This would change my life. They wished me luck on my venture, but said they could not help me do this.

A doubt creeped in.

I no longer believed this was the right decision. I was scared. Afraid of spending too much. Doubting the results. Doubting the gut instinct which brought me here in the first place,

I told the coach I would need to cancel and explained that it’s better this way. It was curious. I remember listening to myself trying to tell it to her in a way that I would believe it myself. Trying to convince myself so I could convince her.

Later I looked back at this email I had written that evening. It was strange, as if someone else had written it.

Unsurprisingly, she replied, unleashing a full bombardment of anti-bullshit my way. She told me to fucking grow a pair and listen to myself. To ask myself if I believed for a second any of the things I wrote was true.

And she was right. It wasn’t true. I would have to step into my fear and not try to weasel out of it.

She was indeed proving to be a powerful coach with some good insight into my bullshit. My gut reaction had proven to be right once again.

I thanked her for the candid asskicking, and understanding. I told her I would pay as planned.

The next day, a surprising source called back and told me they would lend the money.

Your Gut Knows What’s Best For You

Here’s the thing. This gut reaction, or instinct, is your past experience and all your senses working together in tandem to push specific data into your conscious mind. Sometimes your senses and your experience disagree, so the information gets muddled. But sometimes the information is so clear that you get a “gut reaction” compelling you to do a specific thing.

Your conscious brain will interfere quickly, trying to rationalize why or why not you should act on this reaction. Your conscious brain will try to keep you safe from harm, embarrassment or anything it perceives as a risk.

More often than not, when that gut reaction is so powerful that you notice it, it indeed IS something you must act upon. Not because of some greater good or stuff like that. No. Your gut knows what is best for your happiness.

As for the coaching? I haven’t felt this alive in ages.

The past two weeks have been difficult. Really fucking hard work. And most of it internal. I’ve been meditating more than ever. Journaling. Unearthing horrible things from the deep bowels of my mind.

… but it’s damn good fun.

We’ll turn this little coaching business into a global phenomenon soon enough.

Looking back, I wasn’t ready to be coached. And that’s exactly the reason I needed to be coached.


Jay Pitkänen

Head coach at Rat Race Maverick, and moonlight marketer. Connoisseur of Cabernet Sauvignon. Spot him driving a Jaguar or Corvette at high speeds over long distances.

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