Stop Apologizing: From People Pleasing Entrepreneur to Confident BOSS in 30 Days

Don't you sometimes wish you could just say NO, and not second guess yourself after doing so?

Has anyone ever told you "you’re too nice?"

Have you ever felt manipulated or taken advantage of by other people?

Have you ever worked tirelessly for weeks on end, completely disregarding your own sleep or health, just to keep your boss or client happy?

Do you find yourself apologizing a lot? And not just by saying the word “sorry,” either. I mean, do you find yourself apologizing for your mere existence?

For your creativity...

For your passions, ideas, dreams…

For the way you live life?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you’re in the right place. Because we’re gonna turn that around.

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Hi, my name is Jay Pitkänen - recovering people pleaser. 

I used to do all these things. Hell, I still do these things sometimes. It’s a tough habit to kick.

But it’s possible. You can go from scared, powerless, frightened, stressed, tired … into a badass. A badass of your own making.

Whether that means amazing relationships, thriving businesses or becoming the president of the universe, you can make it happen.

That’s what I did. Once I started living by my OWN rules, things started working out.

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My Journey Into People Pleasing

Like many of you, I come from an abusive home with little love. I didn’t exactly blend in with my crazy ideas and wild aspirations.

I wanted to be an entrepreneur and invent things and paint paintings and all the things that battled against my parents’ wishes.

My mother was especially fond of passive aggressive attacks, threatening abandonment, withholding love, spreading guilt etc. As a result, I developed massive anxiety and fear of abandonment.

I still find myself getting antsy by the thought of people leaving because I did something wrong.

What if I end up all alone?

I thought I was wrong. Flawed. I thought it was my job to correct my behavior so as to earn their love. This developed into an approval seeking tendency that would haunt me for many years to come.

  • In relationships I would be a people pleaser. Harmless, odorless, but resentful for never getting validation or approval.
  • In my career I tried to avoid standing out to avoid judgement, ending up in odd jobs that bored the crap out of me.
  • In my business I had no sense of self worth unless others gave it to me, making entrepreneurship impossible.

I was so busy trying to live life according to other peoples' wishes, I had completely forgotten what it’s like to be ME.

Let me underline here, that I don’t blame my parents for this. They just passed on their own traumas. They could’ve done better, but they didn’t. And it turned me into a fighter, for which I’m thankful.

So you see, it’s quite easy to track the source of people pleasing behavior.

For me, it was a self-preservation thing, some way to protect myself from violence and abuse hauled my way. But over time, it became toxic. Over the years I was losing friends and growing in loneliness, regardless of how much I tried to be the nice guy.

That Sink or Swim-Moment

Then one day I had come to my wit's end. I didn’t care about anything anymore. I figured I could go two ways. Either give up and regress into some apathetic half-depressed zombie life...

… or try that one thing I was afraid of being judged for. The one thing my heart was still faintly yearning for. Sounded better than depression, so I went for it.

And … it worked out marvelously. Nobody judged me. I didn't die or get cast out of society or anything ridiculous like that. On the contrary, I felt ALIVE. I was onto something.

I started following this trail of breadcrumbs and my life has been steadily, and sometimes exponentially, improving ever since.

This was about 8 years ago.

Since then, I’ve been learning everything there is to know about defusing these harmful beliefs.

I've tried garbage solutions, plastic fakery that gives a good feeling but doesn't change anything. I've tried beating myself up, feeling guilty, and running from my issues. I’ve tried vision boards and self-help gurus.

None of that really left a lasting change.

So I started working with some of the most clever therapists on the planet. Coaches who understood how fear works, how the ego protects us from feeling pain.

Together we dove deep into my mind. Into the dark crevaces and shadowy places long left untouched by anyone. Facing fears and shifting harmful beliefs when they came along. I've never been through so much uncomfort.

... and it worked. My approval seeking behavior started shifting into self-love.

When You Let Go of People Pleasing

So what happened?  In addition to feeling a lot happier, fulfilled, and balanced - a bunch of new benefits appeared in my life.

Here's what you will notice happening when you let go of people pleasing:

  • Stress is no longer a thing. You're simply not available for stress anymore.
  • You no longer feel hurry. You'll be able to create the time you need to do the things you love with the people you love.
  • You start working with clients who pay you well, but also are AMAZING people who you I'm resonate with as people.
  • You won't be afraid to turn down clients and money, even if it makes you look bad.
  • You'll build relationships based on mutual love and support, instead of fear.
  • You'll go to sleep without DREADING tomorrow.

And unlike me, YOU won't have to take a decade to get there.

Using what I've learned during the last decade, along with some fine minds in the therapeutic field, we've distilled my journey into a highly effective 30-day training.

Yeah you heard that right. It took me 10 years to go from approval seeking, harmless, stressed out and helpless -  INTO powerful, pathforging, limitless, relaxed, genuinely kind, conscious, and unapologetically authentic.

You can do it in 30 days.

Here's What You Get:

Fun and Engaging Lessons

I love play, and I believe it's the best way to live life and learn new things. That's why we designed the exercises and lessons to be fun!

Less Stress

We're not trying to add to your already stressful life. Instead, the lessons and exercises are built to lighten your load and reduce stress the further along you go.

Immediate Effects

Expect changes from day one. While we work with professional therapists, this isn't therapy. You don't have time for that.

Permanent Changes

Unlike that book you read once, felt good about for a few days and never think about again, this course will change you permanently.

Also including sweet bonuses like:

  • The BOSS method for building your business. Go from crappy busywork to limitless amazing clients who pay well.
  • The BLISS method to releasing worry and stress. What if you could just switch off worry?
  • 5 elements of a healthy, supportive relationship. The foundation for happiness in relationships.
  • Secret to getting rid of chronic fatigue syndrome. When was the last time you slept like a log?
  • The one word cheat code to making life just a bit easier.

Here’s What You Don't Get:

  • No boring lectures. This course is built around YOU taking simple action. I'll be there to guide you into transformation, not pump you full of theory.
  • No telling you what's wrong or right. I want you to bloom into the limitless wonderful human being that you are.
  • Not lead by a professor. I'm just a guy, a recovering people pleaser, and here with you. We’re both growing through this experience together.
  • Not leaving you without support. While this course is built to change you into a new person from the inside out, we’ll also give you a good amount of exercises to take with you after you’re done with the course.
  • No cheap tips or tricks. This is damn effective (and uncomfortable) work that results in true, lasting change.

change reflects to every part of not just your life, but your children’s life if you have them (insert quote)


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