Helping Creatives Build a Life and Business of Their DREAMS

Do you want to build a 6+ figure business? Find amazing clients? Want to stop stressing, let go of fatigue and embrace a life of PLAY instead?

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Helping Heartful Men Attract Their Dream Girl

Do you want to create an authentic connection with amazing, beautiful, fun women? No pretending. No chasing. No tricks.

Just you and the woman you've always wanted.


Things got instantly calm and clear...

I had so many questions swimming around, to the point that my head hurt. But when I got a on a call with Jay things got instantly calm and clear. He gave outstanding advice. And after just following one thing he told me to do I felt a sense of excitement and direction that I haven't felt for a really long time.

Sabrina Gaffney Unconventional Copywriter & Brand Pioneer

Rat Race Maverick is:

Meeting Women

Struggling to hit revenue goals? Busy with crappy clients? Business feeling boring or just unfulfilling? Maybe you've lost your way. With my bizdev coaching, we'll find the clarity and direction you need to get your dream business back on track.

Finding Your Mojo

You have all the ideas, the knowhow and the power within you. But before any of that matters, you need to TRUST and ACCEPT yourself. Confidence coaching is the key to releasing your potential.

Expressing Yourself

Looking for that special someone to share your business success with? Want to find people who actually understand YOU? Deep relationship coaching is about creating life-long connections with amazing people.

When You Let Go of the "SHOULD"

For most of my life, I've been listening to others telling me how it SHOULD be done.

It took me years to understand that it's okay to be ME. To do things I love to do, in a way I want to do them.

But it wasn't always like this. 

I remember a time when I was doing everything the hard way. Tried to make things difficult, to somehow earn my place in society. I tried so hard to make a business out of something that others told me would be profitable. I tried so hard to create content that didn't resonate with me, but was content that others said was popular.

Not surprisingly, my business was barely making enough to pay my bills. I was tired. Like REALLY tired.

That's what we were all taught, after all, by our parents, by society. To work our assess off. Otherwise it wasn't good enough. And who could blame them? They didn't know any better.

But there came a moment when I was so exhausted that I just gave up the struggle. I had enough. I stopped doing what I SHOULD be doing and instead started doing what I WANT to do.

After that, everything has become easy. Fun. Effortless.

Near instantly, my business took a sharp turn. Suddenly it didn't feel like work anymore, it was an adventure. Suddenly I had money to pay my bills and more. Suddenly I had free time, enough to meet people and actually enjoy life.

That's what I want to show you. I want to help you escape the Rat Race and become a Maverick.

-Jay Pitkänen


I highly recommend working with Jay...

I was down and desperately trying to figure out how I was going to pay my bills. Jay stopped me from the panic mode and helped me to calm down, using morning meditation and focus. A week later, I sent fives pitches, four receiving replies, two resulting in proposals, and one into a signed contract at the time of writing this reference. I highly recommend working with Jay as your coach. His advice rocks!

Heidi Medina Sass-talking Fairy Tale Business Coach

Want to Get Coached?

Part of creating a successful lifestyle is choosing your company very carefully. That's why I'm very picky when it comes to people I work with. If you're interested in getting your business, life, or relationships sorted out, click below to contact me.

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