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Product video increases purchases by up to 144% -Neil Patel

Why Choose Maverick Studios?

We Understand Your Product

The Maverick team has some video wizards and animating demi-gods. But the real value for you comes from our extensive copywriting and sales knowledge.

Only by understanding what your product is, why it exists, and how we can communicate its benefits to your audience can we truly create a powerful video.

We Understand Your Style

Videos are not born equal. Your company, your mission, and your audience are your own and your video content must serve world.

We deliver a video that seamlessly blends into your existing material. Whether that be a website, case study, Youtube channel, presentation, etc. It will always look like it belongs.

We Understand Your Budget

Our video creation process begins from understanding the KPIs on how video marketing will bring ROI to your business.

Not everyone needs a fancy 10 minute custom animation with a hired musician in the background. (Which we have done, by the way.) And not everyone can manage with a simple voiceover whiteboard animation.

Let's make it work according to YOUR needs.

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